Earn Money with your YouTube Channel Online

There are lots of opportunities available online if you want to earn money in this digital era. Nothing is better than Youtube Marketing. Every one wants to make money from Youtube but it is not easy at the same time as you have to know all the steps about how to get views on your YouTube channel if you want to earn good amount of money from your YouTube channel.  Interesting? Check out the this step-by-step guide on how to start your YouTube channel and earn money from it:

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  1. Creates your Tube Channel: To create your YouTube channel, you have to follow the few steps: i)Login to your Gmail account, In case you don’t have any Gmail account then create it now. ii) Visit YouTube then click the drop-up menu which is available on the left side of the YouTube page. iii) Enter My Channel option. iv) Go to “Set up channel on YouTube” option. v) Fill all your personal information with logo or profile image.
  2. Select your niche: It is very important to select your niche to reach the targeted audience. There are thousands of people who are reaching to their audience through YouTube Channel. Do you have any hobby or passion that you want to share with the people. Create your YouTube Channel now.
  3.  Content: As we all know that content is the king. If your sharing high quality and relevant content  to the people . Trust me, it will attract a lot of attention. Not only this, proper strategy is also important to promote your YouTube channel  if you want to earn good money.  Make content according to keep targeting audience in mind whether they would love it not . In the bid to generate viral content, you need to do is little research and soon you will be coming up with high.
  4. AdSense: Once you are done with bringing great views on your channel . Next step is how to earn money from your channel. For that click your video manager option on your Youtube page then press the monetization option . A pop up will appear that shows the option of “How will I be paid ?” then complete the procedure by clicking on “Associate an AdSense account”.
  5. Promotion: It helps in increasing more visitors to your website. There are many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, P Interest etc where can post your videos and can get good views. Not only this, you can go with paid strategies also.

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