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A Complete Guide on Neolith Worktops : Check Out

Neolith is a revolutionary fusion of ceramic and porcelain mixed with quartz, glass, silica, and feldspar. Neolith porcelain worktops are made through the sintering process and are ideal for domestic and commercial use including bathroom vanity tops, shelves, kitchen worktops, refectory counters, restaurant counters, and external and internal cladding. The worktop range from Neolith offers aesthetically pleasing kitchen worktops that are quite durable. They come in high-quality reproductions and beautiful color collections that bring out the natural sophistication of the worktops.

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Countertops are every kitchen’s preferred surface area, and they largely impact the look and feel of the whole kitchen space. Neolith consists of various options that homeowners can choose from including tile, butcher block, paper composite, marble, laminate, granite, recycled glass, concrete, soapstone, quartz, and stainless steel. The range of Neolith worktops is available in satin, river-washed, silk and polished finish. The various color options range from a sleek modern white to rustic and modern metal. Some of the most popular color alternatives include colorfeel, Fusion, Textil, Classtone, iron, among others. The latest offers in color include Neolith Blanco Carrara, Mirage, Neolith Iron Grey, Nieve, Neolith Iron Ash, Krater and Neolith Iron Copper. The right Neolith design will depend on the style of your interior, your taste, and personality.

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Neolith applications

Neolith is versatile and can be used for a variety of interior and exterior applications. Some of the popular designs such as Neolith Calacatta and Neolith Estatuario are ideal for residential projects in applications like vanity tops, flooring kitchen worktops, wall cladding, splashbacks, countertops, to mention a few. For commercial projects, Neolith is applicable in large format flooring and cladding of exterior walls. The material is scratch and UV resistant.


Neolith stone synergizes utmost design principles with functionality. It is among the strongest materials in the market today. It will not chip or scratch if you run a screwdriver over it. Neolith also has high resistance to heat and high temperatures, and when you combine these with its UV resistant qualities and lightweight formats, you are assured of the longest service delivery from this product.


Neolith products are not costly. Their prices are similar to those of other high-end materials like granite or marble. Neolith offers the best value for money over time because it will not require sealing, re-sealing, and re-polishing. The maintenance costs are very minimal compared to replacing wooden material or laminating natural stone.

Since the Neolith material comes in large formats, this means few joints and grouting compared to other available materials. The cost of the materials depends on its thickness. The standard thicknesses of Neolith materials are 12mm, 20mm, and 3mm for Neolith cladding wall applications.


Most online suppliers offer many options of Neolith worktops and a broad range of materials compared to the physical stores. And usually, you’ll find a notable difference in the final product when you buy them from a physical showroom. With online purchasing, you will get dedicated customer assistance and support regarding the appropriate product and after sales support from project managers and consultants. Here are reasons you should consider using Neolith:

  1. Neolith is eco-friendly. It is made from natural products such as feldspar, clays, silica and mineral oxides. Neolith colors consist of natural pigments, and the products come with an extended warranty period which makes it a sustainable choice.
  2. Neolith doesn’t stain. Unlike other materials like concrete, granite, marble, butcher block and laminate, Neolith is not porous; it will therefore not stain and does not require sealing.
  3. Neolith is a versatile stone. It can be used for countertops and also as cladding for floors, walls and cupboards. Its different color options allow for perfect cohesion that appeals for the contemporary look.
  4. Neolith is durable. It has a tough surface that resists heat, will not buckle, warp or stain from the heat. It can also resist abrasion and scratches.

Neolith worktops should be your choice because it has the strength of granite, the simplicity of quartz and the marble look, all combined in one product.

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