First Time Travel to USA from India : Tips

If you are an Indian then it is a must that you have dream to visit USA at least once in your lifetime. It is common to visit USA from India now a days. There are plenty of opportunities especially come to the people who are working in the IT industry to visit USA. In order to live a sophisticated life or they don’t have any strict commitments to live in India, People love to go USA and settle there. 

Check out the following points if you are ready to go to the USA for the first time and there would be several questions come to you mind. Here is the solution:

Yeah I know, the list never come to an end. The culture and the style of living in both countries i.e India and USA  are different. So it is necessary to prepare your mind first and I know it will take a few months to adapt the lifestyle of USA. 

Get Insurance: People in India sometimes buy medicines without consulting the doctor from any medical shop. For example, if you are suffering from fever, cold etc. people in India prefer to get free medical advice from medical shop. But Doctor consultation is necessary. You are not allowed to get medicines without prescription. Before consulting the doctor, Registration process is necessary so first register yourself. As the cost of each medicine is very costly. For that medical insurance is a must if you really want to survive in the USA. Sometimes medical insurance is provided by the employers itself in case you are working in an organization otherwise you have it as soon as possible. 

So keep everything simple, you can carry basic medicines from India for fever, stomach pain, headache, cold, cough etc. Not only this, keep other things also such as moov, vicks, amrutanjan etc. Take medicines and original prescriptions if you are under any medication.

Keep right while driving: It is necessary to learn driving once you reach to the USA. They don’t have good public transportation services except few places like New York. Not every place has metro buses and trains. So without learning driving you will feel like handicapped because you can go from one place to another easily. 

Get your international driving license as soon as possible so that you can learn to drive in the USA. It is a relief that it is comparable easy to drive a car in USA because traffic regulations are followed by every people very strictly. In the USA, keep yourself in right while driving which is just the opposite in India. 

Basic Kitchen Appliances: Just because products are expensive in USA. so carry some basic kitchen appliances to manage your budget. You can carry with mixer grinder as it is very costly in USA and in case if you are looking for grinding hard materials then blenders are available only. 

No Gas Cylinder:  Just like in India, you cannot get gas cylinder in USA. There is no such things like lifting and replacing the gas cylinder. Not only this, you don’t have to struggle for booking the cylinder. There are pre installed over in every house. It is just like in India we are using knobs to control the fire excerpt. But there are some drawbacks of using these preinstalled oven as they will take more time to get heated and fire intensity cannot control easily just like in gas stove. 

Prayer to God: In India, you see temple at the end of every street. In the USA, you have to go far to visit the temple. It is not located near your location. There are many temples in USA. I will definitely sure you are going to miss all the traditional prayers once you reach to the USA. 

Forget Dhoties and Sarees: India is famous for its dhoties and sarees. Dressing style in India is little bit traditional whereas people in the USA love to wear casual outfits. In India, you can rarely see women with sleeveless tops and roaming freely on the road. Similarly men love to wear dhoties. I know initially it is difficult for you to see all these things but later you will become a part of it.  

Friends or relatives: You will definitely going to miss your friends and relatives. So keep their contact number with you . In order to reduce the home sickness in USA, start talking to the people there even you don’t know them. This will definitely helps you. 

Craving for Indian food: In USA, you will hardly see any Indian restaurant so learn cooking if you really love Indian food. Not only this, Indian restaurants are very costly at the same point . There are many frozen foods available in the market of USA such as naan, roti etc but it will affect your health.

Climate in USA: Different countries have different time zones so climate conditions are also different. For example, there is not much winter and snow in California and climate is also same whole year whereas there is severe winters in Washington. 

Communication Facilities: You can easily communicate with your loved ones in India with the help of internet connection or you can buy International India calling cards to make calls to India. 

So enjoy your life  in USA .

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