More Information on Air Pollution, Causes and Prevention

air pollution

After Tobacco – smoking, Air pollution is also one of the second leading cause of deaths as it is a non-communicable disease. It is being recognized by the third United Nations as a risk factor for NCDs that affects the health alongside unhealthy diets, alcohol consuming, tobacco-smoking and other physical inactivity. Nearly more than 550 000 deaths are responsible because of ambient air pollution in the WHO European Region that includes ischaemic heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and at last lung cancer.

All because of the complex mixture of air pollutants which is one of the important public health concern. It is necessary to improve air quality and several interventions for reducing exposure to air pollution in order to protect health and reduce the risk of NCDs. We can get multiple co-benefits by creating healthier environments on health, climate and the environment.

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The next question comes on mind is How air pollution causes Illness?

As already mentioned above, Air pollution is very harmful for humans, animals, vegetation or other materials. Pollutants come from different sources have different characteristic includes sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, reactive hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide etc. which released directly into the atmosphere.

These gases damage the human tissue depending on various factors such as solubility, concentration, ability to oxidize tissue etc.  So2 is highly soluble in water where as NO2  and O3 are less soluble. Postnatal exposures to air pollutants, including SO2, O3, and NO2, have been associated with increased infant mortality and may leads to death also.

How to prevent Air Pollution?

1.     Plant more tress: More and more tress help in removing carbon monoxide from air. Not only this air filters at home reduce the amount of indoor air pollution and eliminate cold and respiratory problems at the same time.

2.     Avoid using automobiles: Gasoline is used in automobiles increases the amount of sulphur dioxide, and other harmful components that cause air pollution.  As we all know it is not possible to completely avoid the use of automobiles but try to use railway at least one day a week to work.

3.     Avoid Chemical fertilizers: All these chemical fertilizers mix with air and causes greater health related problems. If you are not ready to plant, sprinkle the area with water every few days to keep the dust in check. 

4.     Get the Lead Out: Lead is the main component used in common household products. This lead based paint is especially very dangerous for the health.

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