The Reason Why Everyone Loves Culinary Tours

culinary travel

Culinary tour or Culinary related travel is evolving day by day over the past decade from straightforward dining to other experiences especially highlighting the food that comes from both cultural and geographical factors to influence people. According to the several studies by the World Food Travel Association , 59% of the respondents believe that food and drink plays a vital role in travelling now than they were five years earlier.

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This is the reason why tour operators and travel agents focuses on culinary vacations because this increases the opportunities for sales to fulfill the considerable demand from consumers.Greg Nacco, The vice president of business development for the Food & Wine trails division of Adelman Travel said ” We have responded by tripling the tour numbers over the last three years and yes, demands are certainly out there every time.

New Culinary travel programs :

28 percent growth is seen by Intrepid travel in North American bookings from last year on food-themed results in creating such programs such as three vegan food adventured and culinary trips to various parts such as Taiwan and northern Spain. It is also said by the company’sĀ  regional director for North America – Leigh Barnes.

Culinary themed elements have been added to various ground tours for many years by keeping this thought on mind that it will help several guests for learning about sustainable agriculture especially in Cuba during a farm visit and also introduces the guest to the Cajun cuisine secrets in New Orleans at the cooking school.

Everyone knows that Food and drink are considered as one of the most interested part of the tour said by the CEO of Avanti Destinations – Harry Dalgaard. Not only this, he also added that his company has responded with food and wine packages to South America as well as the other parts such as Flavors of China and Flavors of Japan.

Rey Alton specializes in food relatedĀ  travel one of the houston based Almeda Travel, a travel leaders agency said that Food gives you more expression and tell you about the culture whether it is pad thai in Phuket or daal churma in Rajasthan, India.

More about Culinary Travel:

Culinary tours are lucrative and also includes several exotic destinations which are little bit expensive and are known as high end dollar trips. If you don’t know about culinary tour then you can even hire paid agent also for booking restaurants and food related activities.

One of the big advantage for hiring agent in culinary tours is that pre-booked activities such as cooking classes are commissionable. If travels are not the part of the group then food oriented experiences are considered as more expensive specially in those areas.

As everybody would love to be the part of foodie tours and experiences. So Enjoy culinary tours now!!

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