The Glass Box And Brands as a culture

This blog is all about ” The Glass Box and Brands as a culture” . The retail industry is evolving quickly over the past decade and has undergone a significant transformation due to the several advancement in digital channel.  According to several reports of 2019-19, the market has growing very rapidly every month as we compare it with 2017 records. It is very important for all the retailers to adapt these new shifts or changes in demographics, attitudes and consumer preferences as the face of the market is evolving very quickly.  In 2019, we have observed several changes like the customers interact with their favorite brands , a shift in preferences or the emergence of this new battle lines especially for e-commerce sector.

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The next question comes on the mind is what do you mean by ” The Glass Box And Brands as a culture “

Now a days, more and more people are shopping with their emotions like what they have liked instead of their wallets. You can also say that it is changing preferences and attitudes according to the corporate responsibility, social consciousness and other factors that affect the retail brands present position. This trend has resulted in brands in order to equate their internal culture with their exterior identity, turning companies into what some have dubbed “culture coders”. Outside of traditional shopping parameter and cultural figures, companies have growing their consumers day by day. This new measuring stick results in unintended consequences by cutting both ways.

There was the time when business was considered as a black box as it would be difficult to see what was going inside. It was painted on the outside of the box which was visible to the people outside the world. It doesn’t matter whether people like or dislike. they just came and looked at it.\But now, business is a glass box. People can easily see inside and the process. They can even see the core values of the business too. It also tells what people working inside the business feel about on they are doing. This is the main reason behind the profound change as it is very necessary to have transparency with outside world to be connected.

It actually defines brand as it is the emotional and associational touchpoints that make consumers connected with your business .It’s what they see of you, and what that makes them feel about you. When it is covered with black box then the brand was limited to what was painted on the outside.

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