Check out Various Career in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing industry is growing rapidly as there are various internet users are there in the world. It is one of the best way to improve marketing trend and can reach among large number of people. In other words, you can also say that  a lot of digital marketing career opportunities are created as every business now is looking for online presence.

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As we all know digital marketing is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy and firms and also created various opportunity for students and professionals.

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Career in Digital Marketing:

Now a days, you can pay bills, buy groceries , booking tickets or anything else online. Various companies are taking the help of internet popularity to expand their business in cyberspace.

Different Profiles in Digital Marketing where you can apply for the job:

  1. Digital Marketing Manager: You should have at least 5-7 years of experience to apply this job as it is one of the highest position in the digital marketing field. Performing activities are making strategies, displaying advertising campaigns, analyzing the latest technologies affects etc. Not only this, he will also evaluate important metrics that affect the website traffic, services quotas and targeting audience.
  2. Search Engine Optimization Executive: The main responsibilities of SEO executive is improving website rank on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and bringing good traffic on the site.  SEO expert should be good in using  various kind of SEO tools available in the market.
  3. Social Media Marketing Expert: It is divided into two parts: One is spreading content on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN etc and second is running paid advertising on social media. As we all know, social media is in trend so requirement for social media marketing expert is increasing day by day.
  4. Content Marketing Manager: Content marketing is basically promoting your content on internet. Not only this, there are various freelance content writers are available on the internet who are building their career in digital marketing as freelance content writer.
  5. Conversion Rate Optimizer: It is a process of increasing conversion ratio at every stage of marketing funnel. Main responsibility is to create landing pages and convert them well. You can use various tools to improve your CRO ratio and get the insights on how people interact with landing pages.
  6. AdWords Specialist : It is also know as PPC expert (Pay per click expert) . It will tell you how many times visitors  click your running ads. It is the fastest way to bring leads and covert them.

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