List of the Latest SEO Technique to Increase Traffic

SEO is Search Engine optimization is a technique to increase traffic on your site and improving the ranking on search engine by making more and more backlinks but with this new update of MOZ  46% Domain authority of the website decreases so making only backlinks are not enough now a days. You have to try other techniques also. If you want to increase domain authority of your website then it is very important to have traffic on your site as Google algorithm changes very quickly. Here are the few effective SEO technique that will help in bringing traffic on your site:

1.Increase User Experience: If anyone finds something on the search query the Google brings the most relevant result to his user query. If your website contain irrelevant content then Google keeps that website away from the top ten search engine pages. So it is very necessary to optimize the website . In case, you don’t have high quality website then it is very difficult to rank it for the target keywords. This also leads to increase the bounce rate also.

2. Voice Search: Now half of people use voice based devices to do their work. If you think this factor is not necessary according to the SEO then you are wrong. People love to speak instead of writing text on search query.

3. Long Tail Keywords: As people use long text to find anything. Long tail keywords mean more than three words. Try to use long tail keywords to target your audience.

4. Target Audience: It is very necessary to write content while keeping target audience in mind. By knowing their age, interest, thoughts, you can able to create better content. This will help you in gaining readers and good rank on the search engine. It is better to focus on the topics that are demands by the readers which helps in reducing the chances of failing.

5.Guest Posting: Guest posting is the best way to bring traffic. If someone reads your blog then it will help in bringing high traffic on your website. Now a days, article submission is replaced by guest post. Google prefer guest post more than article submission.

6.Video / Infographics: Video or Infographics submission both are best way to get high –quality backlinks. Not only this, you can share these videos and infographics on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest etc. to increase traffic.

7.Question/Answer: Join different question/answer sites such as quora. As these sites will help you in increasing great traffic on your site. Don’t forget to insert your blog link at the bottom of the reply.

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