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Janicki Omni Processor

Janicki Omni Processor is one of the greatest initiatives for revolutionizing the waste processing industry by combining the three major industry standard processes in its unique and effective way: solid fuel combustion, steam power generation and water treatment.

1. SOLID FUEL COMBUSTION : Lets start with solid fuel combustion. Moisture is evaporated when biosolids or other wet waste streams come in contact with a dryer then this dried, solid waste that is fuel now proceeds to a fire to burn  in a very controlled fashion and leaves the solids into a dry fly ash. 

In order to avoid exhaust coming from fire to release to the environment, it is very necessary to conditioned and filtered them. As a stand – alone process, this process is used to process the waste stream and is extremely energy intensive .

2. STEAM POWER GENERATION: The Janicki Omni Processor improves the efficiency of the process by combining the stream power generation in the mix. It is the process of creating steam where heat is generated by the controlled fire heats in the boiler pipes which is used to produce electricity. This generated electricity is used to power the whole Janicki Omni Processor to produce surplus electricity which can be sold or used for some other processes. 

The exhaust in the form of steam coming from the engine moves back to the dryer for providing the energy used for drying the incoming wet waste. In order to repeat the cycle, this steam is condensed back to water and which is also pumped back to the boiler. A self sustainable solution is provided by these two process simultaneously.

3. WATER TREATMENT :  The process is incomplete without water. Water plays a vital role in Omni Processor . The moisture from the wet waste stream leaves the dryer in the form of steam which then passes through several steps of filters and a condensed or distilling water is created. To make it according to the drinking water standards or to be used for other recycled or reuse water applications then it can treated with all the ways for cleaning.

You can also captured useful heat from the condenser that can also use for several other purposes.The main purpose is used to reuse the drinking water. Yes, it is not a new concept but one of the US companies is taking a scaled down version of this technology to Dakar, Senegal.

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