Tips to increase Subscribers for your Guest Blog

To build a great number of subscribers for your guest blog , read this complete blog to understand.

An analysis has showed us that there was a biggest traffic of all the days on 22nd April.

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Guest Posting Esteem

There has been a tremendous impact of guest posting. Not only one factor but many are behind the success of your blog posting. For example- Heading, content that is posted accordingly to the audience, the day on which the post has been posted etc.

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Useful Things to keep in Mind

  1. Reader of The Blog and What exactly are they looking for.

Whenever you start writing your post   think about who is going to read your blog. Focus on the interests and needs of the audience not on the writers. We published guest posts at OnStartups, Shopify, Buffer etc.

Each of them have unique audience looking for unique content according to their requirements.

  1. Come Up with a Great Content.

Another thing that you need to focus upon is the quality of a content. This is as easy a cakewalk if you do just a little bit of research about the content.

Research helps you make your content look great and this can be seen on the count of the comments and share side of your post. Your target, your pitch would a lot easier to achieve this way.

Essential Points to be noted for THE PITCH

  1. Introductory Part

Most important thing in the process is the introduction. You should give a warm introduction to the recipient of the post. It can be any way you like to introduce either through comments or your peers.

  1. Endorse Yourself

The second thing you need to remember is that you need to validate yourself in any form you can. Mention about your other guest posts that you published. You have to be loyal and trustworthy. There’s no home for liars here. If you have the content no problem. Stay calm and worry less but don’t lie.

  1. Content in a Nutshell

 You can save the recipient’s time by giving him a brief summary of your post. Not in many words but in 4-5 sentences. This would be respectful for them too. Make sure that your summary is tender as it can be. By giving a precise summary you are saving the reader’s time of not reading the whole content in order to decide whether they need it or not.

Begin your guest Post

  • There has been a great success and increase in the traffic for guest post in the past two years.
  •  It has shown a tremendous growth. Reason behind this great success is some really great partners and a good quality content. 
  • Guest posting is a pillar that helps you build great audience for your content. 
  • Above mentioned points to remember will help you a lot in building and growing your business.
  •  Make your post as interesting as possible. 
  • Publish your post that is valuable and actionable for the reader. 
  • Your post contain the content that is exactly required by the audience.

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